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10 Best Cosplay at ECCC Seattle: Our Favorites from Thursday and Friday

We’re fortunate to be capturing some the best cosplayers at Seattle Comic Con this week. If you’ve followed Pixlr long enough you know we started taking photos of cosplayers at fan conventions a few years back. Just a simple photo booth and a camera and some enthusiasm for learning more about cosplay construction. Since then, as our enthusiasm has grown our setup at fan conventions has evolved and gotten better each time. And so have the photos. We have a whole big bunch of them on our Cosplay Gallery, and here are some of our favorite looks from Thursday and Friday at ECCC:

Skyrim Family

This Skyrim family was at #ECCC for their very first cosplay. Holy cow! Pretty amazing for a first time. It’s hard enough to create one amazing look, but they did three — one for dad, one for daughter, and one for son. Best first timers we ever met. Well met, indeed. Thanks for posing for us!

The Dark Crystal

Remember The Dark Crystal? You don’t always see deep Jim Henson cosplay, but we actually saw a few Henson-focused cosplay looks at ECCC that were pretty darn great. People who do Henson cosplay care about the details and they have a real artistic bent. This one was definitely a winner. This kind of voluminous costume can be hard to capture, but our photographer Michael has a way with posing people. Epic.

Princess Mononoke

These two creative souls took the idea of forest spirits from Princess Mononoke and went deep. And then went deeper. Still deeper. We love this kind of conceptual cosplay that takes an idea of a character and interprets it in a wholly unique way. We worship you, spirits.


Edward Scissorhands + Topiary Guy

Everyone loves Edward Scissorhands. He’s one of the most unique fictional characters ever created and he’s completely, wholly original.  Our photographer found just the right pose to make this one stand out. The topiary he’s trimming is actually a fellow in a full bush costume who worked in tandem while they walked the floor at ECCC. Talk about original. One of the best cosplay teams we’ve ever seen.

Marceline the Vampire Queen

We see a few Marcelines from Adventure Time at cosplay events. It’s a popular costume, but this one really stepped up and posed wonderfully for us.  She nailed the spirit of the character and gave it a nice edge.

Snake Eyes from GI Joe

This man in black really was enigmatic. We have no idea what he really looks like underneath here, but what we saw in this Snake Eyes was pure bad-ass. Capturing all-black costumes can be tough, but this one uses a lot of light to make all the surfaces shiny and the creases and folds stand out. Great pose and some great editing to bring out the mystery of this always mysterious character.


We saw this He-Man last year at ECCC and caught a quick photo, but this year he really stood out. Thanks to him for sitting for a longer photo shoot to capture this classic “I have the power” pose. Replicating the look of a movie poster or in this case the intro to the cartoon is always a good idea.

Thor and Captain America

Two great tastes that taste great when they clash. We love this classic versus pairing, and they both completely went for it with their poses.



Have you ever played Journey? It’s one of the most artistic video games we’ve ever seen. We won’t spoil it for you, but it’s a simple but subtly profound game that’s sure to surprise you. This cosplayer surprised us with a simple but elegant costume that we’ve never seen anyone cosplay before. Beautiful.


Captain Phasma

We loved this first-rate First Order commander, Captain Phasma. The way the light reflects off of this costume is remarkable. The gun, the gloves, the helmet — everything is spot on in this one.

Those are our favorite ten of the bunch, but favoritism is always subjective. Exercise your subjective muscles and take a look at the rest of the batch in our Cosplay Gallery.