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Pixlr has a new logo

We’re excited to announce that we’re releasing Pixlr’s new brand identity!

Our new logo has undergone a rebranding, including a fresh take on the colors and font.

Pixlr’s rebranding meets all of the original direction in a modern, user-oriented manner. Since Pixlr’s initial launch in Sweden in the year 2008, we’ve retained our previous look for the love of the original logo design and the values it stands for.

After a successful 10 years showing off our previous logo, the team decided that Pixlr needed a breath of new life. To match the flow of ever-shifting technology, we made extra effort to create an exclusive look that fits our identity. Pixlr’s new logo retains the message that shows our strong user-oriented values, which stands in line with our brand’s vision of creative empowerment for everyone, regardless of profession.

Our new logo was designed around Pixlr’s core value, which is to prioritize every user’s experience and needs because you are our greatest asset. Pixlr’s tools were built to be accessible and to enable everyone – non-professionals and professionals alike – to create, edit, and design visuals for various creative works.

For Pixlr’s brand image, our team decided on a clean, contemporary outlook to match the constantly evolving era of technology we are currently immersed in. Our crisp, new font was also carefully chosen to correspond with our inspiring nature and creative culture.

With immediate effect, we’re rolling out our new brand identity across all of our social media accounts, website, web apps and newly launched editor. Wherever you might be on Pixlr, look out for our updated logo.

We’d like to add that without you, there would be no Pixlr. Thank you for all of your support in our creative journey together.



Team Pixlr




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Here are our favourite shots of June 2017!

In the blink of an eye, half of 2017 has come to pass. To usher in the new month, we want to feature some photos we’ve had on #madewithpixlr.

Here’s the top 5 crowd favorites!

Photo credits: @thunderflow


Photo credit: @ray____.__


Photo credit: @aeymar_goku


Photo credit: @riddhikt


Photo credit: @anfasinam_


So there you have it — the highlights of June’s #madewithpixlr. Share your photos with us and hashtag #madewithpixlr and you might just be one of top 5 for July!

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Here’s the latest update on the toolbar

We recently had an aesthetic makeover for Pixlr Editor‘s toolbar. Some liked it, some preferred the old colored scheme.

So we debated over keeping the new monochromatic look vs reverting it to the old colored scheme. Afterall, we wanted to keep everyone happy.

Here’s what we decided on.

The solution to the dilemma: A toolbar toggle!

Now your favorite toolbar scheme is just click (or two) away. So go ahead and pick the one that works best for you!

Pro tip:

Did you know keyboard shortcuts work on Pixlr Editor? Check out all the keyboard shortcuts on our FAQ here or hover your mouse cursor over the tool to see the shortcut key!

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This Week’s Challenge: #pixlrsecondsunset

What is a Second Sunset?

Second sunset is a spectacular natural light display that occurs at the magical hour (approx. 20~30 min) after the sun starts to set. This phenomenon is caused by the scattering of light waves by the cloud, thus giving you an almost ethereal watercolor effect like this picture here:

second sunset photo by Cavin Agustanto
Photo credits: Cavin Agustanto

So how do you take a second sunset picture? Here’s 3 tips for you.

Tip 1: Look for clouds

To get the effect above, you need clouds — specifically scattered, wispy clouds. The wispier the clouds, the better the effects. Watch out for rainy mornings or afternoons as that means it’s very likely for wispy clouds to form by the time the sun sets.

Tip 2: Be patient

Patience is a virtue you need in order to capture a great second sunset photo. Wait for 20~30 mins after the sun starts to set. This will let you have the best opportunity to take that shot!

Tip 3: Compose the picture

Photo composition separates a good picture from great! So don’t be shy and try out new angles. Also, try composing the picture to include the surrounding landscape.

That’s it! Now, go forth and shoot.

Show us what you’ve got and you may just be featured on Pixlr. Remember to hashtag us on Instagram with #pixlrsecondsunset!

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Pixlr Today Is The One Chrome Plug-In To Rule Them All

Are you sick of boring/blank new tab static pages like this?

Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 3.32.43 PM

Like, what am I supposed to do with this anyways?


What if, we had a replacement plug-in that could:

  1. Not just Google, but search stock content
  2. Browse your recently visited sites
  3. Help you plan your day with an intuitive To-do list
  4. Allows you to access Pixlr’s entire suite of web-apps without even typing a word in the URL bar
  5. Refresh your day with super pretty photos that you can purchase immediately if you want to!
  6. Access the entire #madewithpixlr library from your browser
  7. And tell the time and date!


Sounds too good to be true? Well, meet Pixlr Today

Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 11.15.01 AM

Don’t like cats? Whale, what about this?

Screen Shot 2017-05-16 at 4.36.44 PM


Pixlr today is the only plug in you’ll ever need, here are four reasons why:



1. Access to Pixlr Editor, Express and O-matic without even typing a single character in your browser.

Screen Shot 2017-05-16 at 4.38.58 PM

Hate having to click through several pages before you get to Pixlr Editor?

Need to urgently make a meme to troll your friend on social media?

All of this, is now just one click away with Pixlr Today!


2. A beautiful and intuitive clock and search bar that does more than search on Google

It doesn’t just sit and look pretty, the search bar has dual functions!


Oh yes, first option is a simple Google search, the second one searches our sister company 123RF’s database for stock content of your liking! Yes, full access to 123RF’s 78,000,000 strong database all out of that single plug-in!


3. An awesome To-Do list and revisit your recent sites!


To do lists don’t get simpler than this, did we mention that it syncs with Google Task?

Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 3.47.45 PM

(You just got to turn it on)

Coupled with a quick access to recent sites you’ll always be covered in case you forget something or accidentally shut the wrong tab!


4. Practically endless possible images you could find each time you open a new tab


Every new tab is a new visual adventure as you’ll be greeted by a randomised high quality image from 123RF’s best picks, and guess what? If you like the photo, you can immediately access it by clicking on the bottom left!


Like what you see? Click here now to install Pixlr Today!

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How To Use Your Own Fonts On Pixlr Editor

Have you ever wondered how to use your own fonts in Pixlr Editor? Or have you always felt as if the existing choice of fonts available on Pixlr are not enough to satisfy your creative needs?

Well fret not, Pixlr Editor actually supports external fonts! And it’s really easy to expand your library of fonts on Pixlr Editor, just follow the following instructions:

Note: These instructions only apply if you are an OS X or Windows user. You would not be able to use custom fonts on Chromebooks. You can find a detailed explanation here.

1. Go to a font site and download the font you want!

Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 4.35.09 PM

For this tutorial, we will use our sister site TheHungryJPEG’s freebie of the week (because it’s free!), just click here to access it and download it.


2. Install the font on your computer

You can visit either one of these two links to install the font, come back here once you’ve done so:

Follow this tutorial to install the font if you’re a Windows user.

Follow this tutorial to install the font if you’re a Mac user.


3. Restart your browser


That means turn it off and on again. And yes, that means you close ALL THE TABS, the entire browser has to be turned off and on once more.


4. Launch Pixlr Editor and test the font!

Click here to launch Pixlr Editor.

Launch Pixlr Editor and select the Text tool, type anything you want and attempt to change the font, you should be able to find your new font in the selection 🙂 If you downloaded Gab like I did it’ll look something like this:

Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 5.07.31 PM


5. Have fun and enjoy your new fonts!

It should work for all fonts, but if they don’t, please feel free to beep us at and we will assist you as soon as we can 🙂


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123RF Acquires Autodesk Pixlr to Boost the World’s Creative Ecosystem

123RF Acquires Autodesk Pixlr to Boost the World’s Creative Ecosystem

SAN FRANCISCO and HONG KONG, April 24, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — 123RF has acquired Pixlr, one of the world’s most widely used cloud and mobile photo editors from Autodesk, Inc. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

With the addition of this powerful and free image editing tool, Inmagine Group, the parent company of 123RF, moves a step closer to its mission of creating a holistic creative ecosystem that makes great design accessible to all.

This acquisition propels Inmagine Group’s unique monthly active users (MAUs) towards the 50 million mark in addition to a compelling mobile strategy with over 100 million installs of Pixlr mobile apps, thereby creating a new vertically-integrated platform that delivers engaging user experiences to the creative community.

Founded in 2008, Pixlr offers a suite of cloud-based image tools and utilities such as photo editing tool Pixlr Editor, Pixlr Express, Pixlr iOS/Android App and Pixlr-O-Matic.

Since acquiring Pixlr in 2011, Autodesk has invested to expand the portfolio and bring powerful editing tools to millions of users around the world and in the process, grew the user base twenty-fold.

123RF’s in-house production team of over 200 will begin working to expand the Pixlr content library as a value add to its users, ensuring Pixlr communities will continue to have access to new tools and content.

“As part of our ongoing business model transition, Autodesk has decided to focus development resources on our core product portfolio, so we were pleased to find in 123RF a partner who is committed to supporting the Pixlr community and investing in ongoing enhancements to the product,” said Thomas Heermann, Autodesk senior director, digital arts.  “Autodesk remains committed to providing tools and services that can help anybody make anything, and we will work with 123RF to ensure that the Autodesk and Pixlr user communities continue to have access to the broadest set of design tools.”

Andy Sitt, founder and chairman of Inmagine Group and 123RF added, “It’s a game-changing collaboration that empowers creatives with seamless access to free and affordable content within their favorite free image editing tools. Through this transaction, both 123RF and Autodesk aim to develop and enhance Pixlr to inspire more users worldwide.”



Pixlr was started in Sweden in August 2008 and offers a suite of cloud-based image editing tools and utilities (web and mobile) such as Pixlr Editor, Pixlr-O-Matic and Pixlr Express. Pixlr’s tools are built to enable non-professionals and professionals alike to create, edit, and share images online via social networking services or utilize in various creative works.



Inmagine Group has over 450 staff in 40 offices around the globe. It was founded in 2000 as and, despite being fully bootstrapped, has quickly expanded its reach with sites like,,, Inmagine Group has one of the world’s largest content libraries across the creative ecosystem and draws over 40 million visitors a month to its various online properties.



Founded in 2005, 123RF has grown to be one of the world’s largest royalty-free digital stock agency. As part of the Inmagine Group, 123RF has helped a wide clientele of individuals and businesses from more than 40 locations worldwide tell their stories using creative imagery, sounds and motion contributed by talents from around the world. 123RF aims to be a creative solutions enabler through constant innovation, new products and services.


For more information, please contact:

Patrick Yu / Valerie Sun

Sunset: Pixlr for Desktop

This week, we’re retiring our Mac- and PC-based photo editing app — otherwise known as Pixlr for Desktop. Our portfolio of apps has grown over the years and has become complex, so we’re making some changes to simplify the apps we offer while continuing to provide access to free, high-quality photo editing services on mobile and web. As of today, we are removing the Pixlr Pro subscription from the Mac App Store and Windows App Store and will no longer renew existing subscriptions. If you have a Pixlr Pro subscription, it will continue until your subscription runs out. We will offer support for Pixlr Pro subscribers, but we won’t be supporting the free installed version of Pixlr for Mac/PC going forward.

Still going strong: our other similar apps

Power users of our very popular Pixlr Express app will recognize that many of the same editing options found in Pixlr Desktop also exist in the web version of Pixlr Express, so we encourage desktop users to check out the web version of Pixlr Express. For true layers-based image and graphic design, please check out our Pixlr Editor web app. Our popular iOS and Android apps will continue to be offered as they always have.

Questions? We’ve created a FAQ on our support site for anyone who may have questions about the sunset of Pixlr Desktop.

Video: The Art of Evan Brown


Not too long ago, we interviewed Evan Brown to find out more about the amazing multiple exposure collages he makes using only his phone. He probably does more with Pixlr on an Android device than we’ve ever seen anyone do before. He takes images and builds them up again and again using the Double Exposure feature until his dozens of images turn into beautifully rich, detailed collages. We asked Evan to record his workflow so you can see exactly how he goes about creating these amazing images. We then turned that into a video with a bit of voice-over and tips so you can learn how to make something similar:

It’s all done without Blending Modes

It’s first and foremost impressive that phones have gotten to the point that you can build up and edit dozens upon dozens of images in one file. All apps have their limits, but thanks to the continued evolution of smartphones Pixlr can handle quite a bit. What’s even more impressive to us is how Evan seems to do all of this without even using Blending Modes. If you’re not familiar with Blending Modes, they are available to Pixlr Essentials and Pro members and let you blend two photos together more seamlessly (or just in different ways). We encourage you to try blending modes, but if you want to do it just like Evan did, you can skip blending modes. It’s really all about experimenting with images until you end up with something you like.

Can anyone make these kinds of collages? 

You bet they can. In fact, after making this video we were inspired to make a few of our own. Here’s one we made with a set of images we took on a recent vacation camping in Joshua Tree National Park:


As you can see, we took a few key photos and simply repeated them again and again. It’s really as simple as taking a handful of photos and working very patiently — as you would to create nearly any kind of art:


Want to make one of these? Please do and point it out to us! We’ll feature the best ones on our Twitter and Instagram feeds.