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Beat Down Boogie: NYCC Videos Part I & II

Beat Down Boogie isn’t the official videographer of Comic Cons, but dang if it doesn’t feel like it. At every major fan event from ECCC to C2E2 to NYCC and Dragon Con and beyond, you’ll find them trekking through endless crowds of people with their cameras to dutifully capture the best cosplay looks. And then they put it all together in an entertaining video to sum up all the things you might have missed if you weren’t there. And it’s even more fun to watch if you were there. Every ten seconds, you’re like, “Hey! I remember that guy. What a beast.”

We’re such fans that we’ve been sponsoring Micah and his crew for the last few years at all the events we attend. We extend our heartfelt appreciation for all the great work to Beat Down Boogie and encourage you to take a break from your day and enjoy some great looks. They just dropped their latest pièce de résistance in two episodes.

We give you NYCC 2016 Cosplay Spotlight Part 1 :

If that’s not enough for you, you can bet your bottom gauntlet they have more. They always have more. They did double duty this time around to put together NYCC 2016 Cosplay Spotlight Part 2: