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C2E2 2016 Cosplay: Saturday’s Ten Finest

Each day we attend a Comic Con event, we like to gather up our favorites of the day and celebrate those people who were excellent at both posing for us and displaying their cosplay fabrication talents. Boy, was Saturday a busy day. We had a line outside our booth of people who wanted to get their photo taken, and just by looking at the Cosplay Gallery for Saturday, you can see why. Our photographer, Michael, is in absolute top form. He’s playing with dramatic lighting to make these photos as epic as they can be. Here’s a few standouts….

Rick Grimes

The Walking Dead is pretty popular these days at cons. The dead just keep coming. When this fellow showed up at our booth with a bag full of weapons and a uniform, we were worried we had done something wrong. We seriously thought he was real law enforcement for a few seconds. Totally sold it and blew us away with his quick posing skills.

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Solid elf cosplay here, and he was excellent at posing down to the smallest detail. We took a lot of these photos because he was so good. These two were our favorites (among many).

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Obi-Wan Kenobi

We wanted to make sure this Obi-Wan got a great shot out of posing, so we asked him to do a number of things, including letting us toss him his lightsaber to get a force pull photo. Thanks for not minding on the first try when we missed and it clattered to the floor! Second time’s the charm.

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We really love it when someone takes a genre or a game character and adds their own interpretation to the cosplay. This Destiny character has all kinds of color and flair — and he posed for a lot of athletic shots.

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We’ve seen a lot of great Yu-Gi-Oh cosplay, but it really works great when the dude who is playing it has abs of steel. Great enthusiasm in helping us get some dramatic lighting poses in.

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Man at Arms

Top-shelf He-Man cosplay here. This guy had the mouth to back up the cosplay. A nice cartoonish bad-assery costume.

Destiny Warlock

Destiny guns and art design details are some of the absolute best out there, and it’s hard to make into a strong costume. Most of it has to be pretty high quality or the whole thing falls apart. This helmet and gun and everything else was spot on. Worthy of the franchise.

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We immediately recognized this Thor as someone we had seen previously at NYCC. She was a standout Loki in New York, and we were thrilled to make her acquaintance again in Chicago. Thanks for joining us again for a photo shoot! You look fabulous. Again.

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Hawkman/Nightwing Combo

How many feathers does it take to make a very full and realistic set of wings? According to our subject here, about 600. All dyed the same color, which isn’t as easy as it seems when you realize that “water off a duck’s back” is a saying with some science behind it. Truly outstanding cosplay here. And a fearless willingness to scream on cue.