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C2E2: The Best Cosplay via Beat Down Boogie

We’re big fans of Beat Down Boogie on YouTube. If you’ve never checked out their YouTube channel and you like seeing amazing cosplay, you should probably visit and subscribe. The Beat Down Boogie team goes from event to event around the country capturing the best cosplay looks at each fan event. It’s a labor of love for them, and they have a lot of fans around the world. In fact, we wanted to congratulate them for passing 600,000 followers this past week. That’s huge!

Of course, going from event to event and paying for hotels and food and everything else that’s involved in capturing it all isn’t free. Labors of love sometimes require benefactors, and we’re proud to sponsor Beat Down Boogie and help them keep their video fun train rolling. Check out their most recent video from the Chicago event a few weeks back, which was just released in the past few days:

Thanks for the shout-out at the end of the video, Micah! We hope you had as much fun as we did at C2E2. We can’t wait to see your Emerald City Seattle video when it’s done.