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Exceptional NYCC Cosplay: Our 10 Favorites from Saturday

Saturday at NYCC  is perhaps the biggest day for quality cosplay. It’s the day that culminates in the Championships of Cosplay tournament, which this year was so popular they had to turn people away from the auditorium. Just as we did for Day One and Day Two, we wanted to highlight our 10 favorites of those who stopped by our booth.

Destiny Duo

The art direction for the Destiny video game is off the hook, so we’re always on the lookout for Destiny cosplayers. They seem to have some serious skills at crafting their looks. Eris and Xur are two characters that you simply can’t phone in. Thank you, Cuddlefish Cosplay, for sitting for us!


Juliet Starling

We saw a few Juliet Starlings from the Lollipop Chainsaw video game at NYCC, but nobody had this kind of bad-ass chainsaw. We especially love the heart cutout at the base.



Mmmmm. Deep, rich, velvety goodness. Superb Maleficent cosplay with an ornate and surely very difficult to sew dress. When this much work goes into something, it shows.


The Invisible Man

You don’t see a lot of costumes like this at fan conventions. So many people are focused on creating looks for anime and superhero and video game properties that it’s a refreshing breath of fresh air to see an Invisible Man — and done so well. The treatment on this gauze is superb.



The character of Kiki from Kiki’s Delivery Service only has a few details, so getting each one right really makes a difference. This Kiki made everything in her look, including the purse. The broom is especially impressive. No glue. The straw is entirely wrapped and held together with other straw. Serious craft skills.



The God of War relies heavily on ripped pecs and body paint, and this Kratos doesn’t disappoint. The weapons are pretty good, too. Just being around him feels menacing, but he was a nice guy underneath.


Practically All Anime Girls

Anime cosplay girls cute-ing it up even more with a friendship pose. Awwww. We took a lot of photos of anime girls, but this one is our favorite. (We respectfully apologize for not remembering the names of your characters, ladies!)



Supergirl joined the Red Lantern Corps, and of course Supergirl needed a cool costume. This Supergirl is color-blocked loveliness, but what we really loved was her skill at posing. This cape swoop captured in mid-swoop makes us swoon. What a shot.



Simple. Spot-on. Family Guy maid. Well played, Consuela.


B Boy Spider Man

This hip-hop Spidey practically screams New York. “Hey! I’m cosplayin’ ovah heee-ah.” As usual, we love mash-ups or twists on typical cosplay, and this character is overflowing with gritty-city superhero fun.


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