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Pixlr at New York Comic Con 2016

pixlr at nycc cosplay

If you’ve been following @pixlr on Instagram for any length of time, you know we really love cosplay. We go to events like ECCC in Seattle and C2E2 in Chicago, but the real big event of the year is New York Comic Con. It’s just a few days away.

We’re a sponsor and official photographer of the NYCC Eastern Championships of Cosplay, so we’re busy packing up our gear and making our way as a group toward New York City, but we don’t reserve our enthusiasm just for the contestants of the official event. We set up a photo booth and pick out our favorite cosplay looks and have our brilliant photographer Michael take their photo. We aren’t able to take everyone’s photo due to high demand, but we sure do try. At the end of these events, we usually have a great collection of images on the Pixlr Cosplay Gallery, and we always encourage people to download and enjoy their photos  just as much as we enjoyed taking them.

A few standouts from NYCC 2015, which you can check out in our Cosplay Gallery.

Come and get your photo taken

If you’re going to NYCC and are dressing up, please stop by and say hello and let us take your photo. Our booth is two-sided, with SketchBook on the flip side of our booth. They will have some very talented artists drawing in real time, and they’ll even be broadcasting on their Twitch channel, so follow SketchBook on Twitch or just check in and see what’s up if you like art and drawing.