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Create An Edgy Aesthetic with Pixlr's Glitch effect

Pixlr's Glitch Effect pushes creators to take their imagination up a notch with just a few clicks to create a range of artworks from digital glitch to vaporwave-inspired artworks.

Glitch Effect

Get creative with Pixlr's Glitch Effect!

Pixlr's Glitch Effect provides a variety of glitch designs to amp up the nostalgic technological error tone in your artworks.

Glitch Effect
Select between a Digitized, Futuristic, Distorted, or Classic Glitch Effect in Pixlr's photo editor.
Glitch Effect
Different glitch effects allow for different customizations.
Glitch Effect
Easily add on layers to create a unique mix of glitch effects.

How to add Glitch Effect in Pixlr?

Step #1

Open the image you want to apply the Glitch effect to in Pixlr. Navigate to the Effects menu and click on the Glitch option. The Glitch effect adds a distorted and glitchy look to your image.

Glitch Effect
Glitch Effect

Step #2

Once you've selected the Glitch effect, a panel will appear showing multiple glitch effect presets for you to choose from. You can also click the Randomize option to apply a random combination of glitch effects.

Step #3

Use the sliders in the panel to adjust the parameters of the Glitch effect. You can adjust the color split, scanlines, interference and more to create the ideal glitch effect for your design.

Glitch Effect
Glitch Effect

Step #4

Once you're happy with the Glitch effect, click on the Apply button to add the effect to your image. If you wish to redo the glitch effect, you can start over by click on 'Reset' on the effects panel.

Step #5

Once you're happy with the Glitch effect, click on the Apply button to add the effect to your image. You can then save your image and share it on social media or use it in your projects.

Glitch Effect

Creative Glitch Ideas

Glitch art is known to be the deliberate duplication of old media’s mistakes added into artworks for a glitchy techno effect such as cyberpunk, vaporwave, or even a VHS-inspired artwork.

Vaporwave Art with Glitch Effects

Despite their differences, these two art genres are often combined in designs and is achievable through various combinations of Glitch Effects in Pixlr.

Help Your Photos Stand Out With Glitch Effects

By layering glitch effects and playing around with the color splits, interference, scanlines, slicers, and bleed intensity, creating your desired techno effect with Pixlr is made possible in just ONE CLICK

Frequently Asked Questions

The Glitch Effect is a creative feature in Pixlr's photo editor that allows you to distort and manipulate your images to create a digital glitch-like appearance.

To access the Glitch Effect, open your image in Pixlr, then click on the "Effects" tab and select "Glitch" from the dropdown menu.

Yes, the Glitch Effect is available in both Pixlr X and Pixlr E.

Yes, you can customize the Glitch Effect by adjusting the sliders for different parameters such as intensity, noise, and color shift.

Yes, you can apply multiple Glitch Effects to your image by adjusting the settings and applying the effect multiple times.

Yes, you can preview the Glitch Effect by hovering your cursor over the effect thumbnail in the Effects panel.

To undo the Glitch Effect, use the "Undo" button or press "Ctrl+Z" (Windows) or "Cmd+Z" (Mac) on your keyboard.

Yes, you can combine the Glitch Effect with other effects to create unique and interesting visuals.

The Glitch Effect works well with various image types and sizes. However, it is recommended to use high-resolution images for better results.

Yes, you can find various tutorials on Pixlr's official website or YouTube channel that demonstrate how to use the Glitch