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Now, there are even more compelling reasons to choose Pixlr as your go-to solution for all your online image editing requirements, particularly when you're looking for a powerful "photo editor." Whether you're inclined towards traditional desktop-style photo editing or prefer a more contemporary approach, Pixlr has you covered. Pixlr Editor AI-powered online photo editor, empower you to unlock your creative potential with just a single click. Achieving professional-quality photo edits has never been more intuitive and accessible. With Pixlr, you can effortlessly remove backgrounds using our bg remover or create transparent images for your design projects with a simple tap. Our advanced AI-powered photo editing features are designed to make the design process smarter, faster, and more user-friendly for you. Discover the endless possibilities with the world's #1 cloud-based photo editor, Pixlr. Elevate your photo editing experience and achieve remarkable results with ease. Experience the future of online photo editing with Pixlr, the ultimate choice for all your image editing needs.

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Pixlr의 무료 고기능 사진 에디터입니다. 사진 열기 버튼을 클릭하여 편집을 시작하세요. 또는 이미지를 끌어 넣거나 클립보드에 (ctrl+v) 복사 또는 아래 템플릿에서 시작할 파일을 선택하세요.

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히스토리는 브라우저 캐시에 임시저장됩니다. 만약 캐시를 정리하거나 초기화할 경우, 모든 문서가 사라집니다. 더 오랜 기간동안 프로젝트를 저장하기 위해서는 .PXZ (Pixlr 전용 문서포맷)으로 저장하세요.

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