Whether you’re a pro, or just getting started, the PIXLR mobile app has all the tools and effects you need to edit your pictures to perfection. But we’ll let our users speak for themselves.
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    I have used this for years. I have downloaded other editing apps over time and none can compare. I take and edit all pictures on my phone with Pixlr and people are amazed I only use my phone. Thanks Pixlr for making me look good :)
    Billy Collins
    Filters with opacity, output size settings, easy to navigate and so much more. Finally found a great quick editing app when I'm away from photoshop.
    Ed Logan
    My Go-to Photo Editor I've been using Pixlr for years, and in my opinion, it's the best photo-editor out there. It has a wonderful user-interface, tons of options and no gimmicks. Very intuitive. Once you learn all the options this little app should do most everything you need a photo-editor to do. Could use a few additional options such as a simple collage feature, but otherwise, nothing beats it.
    I check out a lot of iOS photo editing software and usually the apps start with twelve dozen notification screens, including many 'offers'. If those headaches aren't present, the apps themselves tend to be tired variations of Instagram filters or Snapchat stickers.
    This app is clean, simple, and lets me make adjustments to my pics that are elegantly subtle.
    This download was a real breath fresh air and I think any semi-serious photogs out there should give it a try.
    Carly W
    I used a ton of diff photo apps and just recently tried this one and it surpasses them all! Love all the options it has and i can make the most unique photos. Thnx a billion! Just updating wanted to say how much I absolutely LOVE & ADORE this app, I'd give it 100 stars *** if I could thankyou Pixlr!!