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Make a great first impression with your listeners by designing stunning podcast covers with Pixlr's easy-to-use templates. You can even customize with your own text and visuals to match your brand and style.

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Why Pixlr's Podcast Cover Templates?

Our podcast cover templates are designed to help you create eye-catching covers that stand out on any platform. With customizable templates and intuitive editing tools, you'll have everything you need to create professional-looking covers in no time.

How To Create a Podcast Cover with Pixlr

Step #1

On the Pixlr website, type "podcast cover" in the search bar to filter relevant templates. Browse through the selection and click on the template that suits your podcast's theme and style the best.

Step #2

Start customizing the template in Pixlr's editing interface. You can modify text, colors, and fonts to match your podcast's branding. To change text, click on the text box, and edit it as you wish. Adjust colors and fonts in the side menu.

Step #3

To add your podcast logo or any visuals, click the "Add image" button in the side menu. Upload the photo from your computer, resize and reposition it as needed. Use the layer panel to arrange elements in the desired order (front to back).

Step #4

Explore Pixlr's filters and effects to enhance your podcast cover. Click the "Filter" tab in the side menu, and explore different options. Adjust the filter's intensity using the slider to create the perfect blend with your design.

Step #5

Once you're satisfied with your podcast cover design, save your work. Click the "File" menu in the top left corner, and select "Save." Choose the desired file format (PNG or JPEG) and quality. Save the file to your computer, and you're ready to upload your new cover to your podcast hosting platform.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a Question?

What is a Podcast Cover? Have you ever listened to a podcast simply because the art cover is appealing to you? Or simply admire how stunning the art cover is? That is the entire purpose of a Podcast Cover. A Podcast Cover generally captures the theme and feel of a podcast visually to inform listeners on what to expect. On Pixlr, it only takes minutes to create one. Our Podcast Cover Templates are pre-designed graphics that can be used to create visually appealing podcast cover art.
How do I make a Podcast Cover using the templates on Pixlr? To create a Podcast Cover, go to the Pixlr homepage and select the "Templates" tab. Then select "Podcast Cover" from the dropdown menu. Play around with the creative elements, and select any aesthetic that fits the theme of your podcast.
Can I customize Podcast Cover Templates? Yes, you can customize Podcast Cover Templates by changing the text, colors, and images to fit your brand and style.
Do I need to have graphic design experience to use Podcast Cover Templates? No, Pixlr's Podcast Cover Templates are designed for easy customization by users of all skill levels.
Can I use my own images in Podcast Cover Templates? Yes, you can upload and use your own images in Podcast Cover Templates.
How do I download my completed Podcast Cover Template? To download your completed Podcast Cover Template, select the "Download" button and choose your preferred file type.
How many Podcast Cover Templates are available on Pixlr? Pixlr offers a variety of Podcast Cover Templates to choose from, with new designs added regularly.
Are Podcast Cover Templates customizable for different podcast genres? Yes, Pixlr's Podcast Cover Templates are designed to be customizable for different podcast genres, including comedy, news, and lifestyle.
Can I use Podcast Cover Templates for social media or other digital content? Yes, Podcast Cover Templates can be used for social media and other digital content in addition to podcast cover art.
Can I save my progress on a Podcast Cover Template and come back to it later? Yes, you can save your progress on a Podcast Cover Template and come back to it later by selecting the "Save" button.