Get Creative with Pixlr's Text Warp Tool

In need of a professional touch in your artwork? Pixlr's Text Wrap is the way to go. Easily wrap text around objects and shapes to create eye-catching layouts that stand out.

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Text Wrap

Step Up Your Design Layout Game

With Pixlr's Text Warp, you can create breathtaking layouts that appear to be created by a professional graphic designer. Text Warp is useful for warping your text from different angles, giving your designs a unique and captivating look.

How To Use Pixlr's Text Wrap

Step #1

Visit or open the Pixlr app on your device. click "Open Image" to select the image you want to work with. Ensure your image has enough space for text placement.

Step #2

Click the Text tool in the toolbar, represented by the letter 'A'. Next, click anywhere on the canvas to add text and type away in the text box. You can also select the font, size, and color.

Step #3

Once you've added and formatted your text, click on the "Effects" tab, located at the right-side panel. Scroll down to find the "Text Warp" tool within the effects options, and click on it.

Step #4

Text Warp settings offer countless options to modify the warp effect. Choose the warp style, such as arc, bulge, or wave, and adjust the intensity slider to control the amount of warping applied to the text. Preview the effect before finalizing.

Step #5

If you settled on the right text warp effect, click the "Apply" button to confirm the changes. To save your edited image, click on "File" in the top menu, and then select "Save" or "Export." Choose your preferred file format and quality, and save the image.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a Question?

Is Pixlr's Text Wrap easy to use? Yes! Pixlr's Text Wrap is incredibly user-friendly and intuitive. Even if you have no design experience, you can use Text Wrap to create stunning layouts in minutes.
Can I wrap text around any object or shape? Yes! With Pixlr's Text Wrap, you can wrap text around any object or shape, giving you unlimited possibilities for your designs.
Can I adjust the text once it's wrapped? Yes! Once you've wrapped the text, you can easily adjust it as needed to ensure your design looks perfect.
Do I need to download any software to use Pixlr's Text Wrap? No! Pixlr's Text Wrap is entirely web-based, so all you need is an internet connection to start creating stunning designs.
Can I apply multiple Text Warp effects to the same text? Yes, you can apply multiple Text Warp effects to the same text by using the "Add Effect" button in the Text Warp menu.
Does Pixlr's Text Warp tool support non-English characters? Yes, Pixlr's Text Warp tool supports a wide range of languages and character sets, including non-English characters.
Can I use Pixlr's Text Warp tool to create 3D text effects? No, Pixlr's Text Warp tool does not support true 3D text effects.
Can I apply a gradient or texture to my Text Warp effect in Pixlr? Yes, you can apply a gradient or texture to your Text Warp effect by using the "Gradient" and "Texture" options in the Text Warp menu.
Can I align my text to a specific position on my image after applying the Text Warp effect? Yes, you can align your text to a specific position on your image by using the alignment tools in the text editing menu.
Can I adjust the color of my Text Warp effect in Pixlr? Yes, you can adjust the color of your Text Warp effect by using the "Color" options in the Text Warp menu.