Unleash your Inner Artist with Pixlr's Blend Tool

Add depth to your designs by blending colors with Pixlr's Blend Tool. From gradient effects to color blocking, this tool makes it easy to achieve the perfect blend.

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Blend Colors

Why Pixlr's Blend Tool?

With Pixlr, you can create beautiful color blends with just a few clicks. Our Colorize feature ensures that your color palette will blend perfectly with your designs.

How to Use Pixlr's Blend Tool

Step #1

To start blending colors in Pixlr, first, navigate to the Pixlr website (https://pixlr.com) and choose "Pixlr E" for a more advanced editing experience. Click "Open Image" to import the two images you want to blend. You can also create a new canvas by clicking "Create new" and then importing your images as layers.

Step #2

Once your images are imported, use the "Move" tool to position them on the canvas. You may need to resize one or both images to make them fit properly. To do this, select the "Free Transform" tool (keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+T) and drag the corner handles to resize the image proportionally. Press Enter to confirm the transformation.

Step #3

Select the top image layer in the "Layers" panel. Adjust the opacity of this layer by moving the "Opacity" slider to the left, making the top image more transparent and revealing the image underneath. Experiment with different opacity levels until you achieve your desired blend effect.

Step #4

For a more advanced blend, try applying a blend mode to the top layer. Click on the "Blend Mode" dropdown menu in the "Layers" panel and choose one of the available options (e.g., Multiply, Screen, Overlay). These modes change how the colors of the top layer interact with the colors of the layer beneath it, creating a variety of blending effects.

Step #5

Once you're satisfied with the blend, click "File" in the top left corner, and then "Save." Choose the desired file format (e.g., JPEG, PNG) and adjust the quality settings as needed. Click "Download" to save your blended image to your computer.

Try Pixlr's Blend Tool Now!


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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a Question?

Can I choose a specific color for the Colorize tool in Pixlr Editor? Yes, you can choose a specific color by clicking on the color swatch in the Colorize tool and using the color picker.
What are the pre-set color palettes available in Pixlr Editor? Pixlr Editor offers a variety of pre-set color palettes, including basic, pastel, vintage, and gradient options.
Can I undo color adjustments made with the Colorize tool in Pixlr Editor? Yes, you can undo color adjustments by using the "Undo" button or keyboard shortcut (Ctrl/Cmd + Z).
What is the difference between Hue, Saturation, and Lightness adjustments in Pixlr Editor? Hue changes the color itself, saturation changes the intensity of the color, and lightness changes the brightness of the color.
Can I blend multiple colors with the same layer in Pixlr Editor? No, the Colorize tool only allows you to blend one color at a time with a selected layer or area.
Can I apply color to specific parts of an image in Pixlr Editor? Yes, you can use the "Mask" option in the Layers panel to apply color to specific parts of an image.
Can I use the Colorize tool in Pixlr to color correct an image? Yes, the Colorize tool in Pixlr can be used for color correction by adjusting the levels and color balance of an image.
Does the Colorize tool work on all image formats? Yes, the Colorize tool works on all image formats that Pixlr Editor supports, including JPG, PNG, BMP, and more.
Can I use the Colorize tool to create a selective color effect? Yes, you can use the Colorize tool to create a selective color effect by applying the color tone to specific areas of the image using layer masks.
Is the Colorize tool available on Pixlr's mobile app? Yes, the Colorize tool is available on Pixlr's mobile app, allowing you to add color to your images on-the-go.